Recicladora y compra de cartón en México
Purchase of cardboard
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Compra de scrap y chatarra de aluminio para reciclaje en México
Purchase of aluminum for recycling
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Reciclaje y compra de vidrio
Recycling glass purchase
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Reciclaje y compra de fierro chatarra
Purchase of scrap metal for recycling
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Compra de papel para reciclaje en México
Purchase of paper for recycling
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Purchase of plastic for recycling
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4 strategies to optimize the recycling process

Recycling Projects

We develop recycling projects for schools, residential colonies and communities that wish a final solution to recycle and earn additional income.

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Scrap Buying

We have the best prices for scrap metal, plastics, glass, electronics and paper products.

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PET preform

We have the best prices and purchase service of PET preform (scrap and shrink) covering Mexico and some regions of Latin America.

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Home Collection

We have collection and loan service for containers of medium and high volume, national logistics network and solutions to fractions.

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What affects prices in the purchase of scrap?

What affects te price of copper?

The price of copper is set in The London Metal Exchange, there, are taken into several account factors such as:

  • China is the main copper consumer globally, 40% of total production. The economic movement of this country regarding to the price of copper is one of the main variables to consider.

  • South America, Chile and Peru are among the main producers of this metal that has use in various industries, however, its overproduction can cause the price to fall as it happened in 2015.

What affects the aluminum price?

Aluminum is the recycling metal par excellence due to its high domestic consumption as well its presence in the industrial sector. Around 75% of the aluminum used worldwide comes from recycling.

  • Aluminum, like copper, maintains one of the most stable buying and selling prices because it is one of the most widely used industrial metals.

  • Its price can be affected by the increase in energy (oil and natural gas) as well as the fall in demand for aluminum producers.

What affects the plastic price?

The vast majority of the costs of recycled plastics have a strong correlation with hydrocarbons (oil, natural gas) as well as the margins of plant operating rates.

The relative position of prices of virgin and recycled PET plastic may change temporarily following their respective influence factors, when it comes to recycled PET plastic, it is directly linked to the consumer habits of all those products that are packaged in plastic bottles.

What affects the price of paper and cardboard?

Paper and cardboard are the recyclable material par excellence, present in the school, residential and industrial sectors, it is estimated that a single person can get to use half a million sheets of paper a year, not counting also the cardboard packages of products that we discard.

The price of these recycled materials has seen an increase in the last years, there is currently tension in the paper world, as its price has risen considerably due to a sustained increase in demand and a reduction in supply. The demand for kraft paper grew exponentially in 2016 and so does this 2017. This crisis also affects the cardboard sector.

What affects the glass prices?

In Mexico we recycle less than a fifth of the glass that is generated, it represents 7% of the trash deposited in the boat. The recycling of glass causes that a used container is born with the same characteristics as the first one, it can be destroyed and reused many times without losing its quality. Some of the advantages you get in glass recycling:     

  • Saving energy and raw materials, each ton of glass replaces 1.2 tons of raw materials, such as silica, limestone and soda ash, used to make new glass.     
  • Decrease of landfills, 3000 bottles of recycled glass involves a reduction of 1000 kg of garbage.

What affect the prices of the ferrous metals?

The scrap market (ferrous metals) continues to show confidence in the global circumstances and the scarcity of the same, registering new increases in the price of all categories and in all areas, pending further promotion.

In recent months, the downward trend in the price of raw materials of strategic importance in Latin America, such as steel, represents a major challenge for the region. The main responsibility is the price of iron ore, which produces steel, which has hit the economy.

What affects the non-ferrous metals price?

The weak overall growth of the more developed economies has led to a significant excess of inventories of some metals, mainly copper. Specifically, among the base metals, some are in the process of transition from excess to supply deficit.

Zinc and lead are at the top of this list. On the other hand, copper is against this trend, since it shows a solid growth in production due to the opening of new mines between 2013 and 2015, bringing the copper market from a situation of deficit to surplus supply.